Tiny Tornadoes - Lower Nursery

Introducing Our "Tiny Tornadoes" Program: Where Learning Takes Flight! 

Exciting times are ahead as we proudly introduce our specialized "Tiny Tornadoes" program, crafted to guide your little ones seamlessly from the whirlwind of Toddlerhood to the thrilling adventures of Preschool.

Sensory Development Activities: Our sensory development activities are crafted to stimulate the senses, encouraging your child to explore, touch, feel, and experience the world around them. These activities lay the foundation for enhanced cognitive development and sensory awareness.

Introduction to Montessori Apparatus: Your child will be introduced to age-appropriate Montessori apparatus, igniting curiosity and laying the groundwork for independent learning. This approach empowers children to explore and understand concepts at their own pace.

Pretend Play and Practical Life Skills: Engage in imaginative play that not only sparks creativity but also sharpens practical life skills. From basic role-playing scenarios to hands-on activities, your child will develop essential life skills in a fun and interactive environment.

Book Start Programme: We are passionate about instilling a "love for reading" in your child through our Book Start Programme. Our carefully selected books and interactive reading sessions are designed to cultivate a lifelong love of stories and learning.

Gross and Fine Motor Skill Development: Our activities focus on sharpening both gross and fine motor skills, laying a strong foundation for physical development. From artistic endeavors to physical play, each activity is tailored to enhance motor skills in an enjoyable way.

Speech Development Activities: Speech development is a key focus, and our activities are designed to encourage communication in a supportive and engaging atmosphere. Language development is woven into everyday experiences, fostering effective communication skills.

Visual Identification of Letters and Numbers: Discovering the world of letters and numbers becomes an exciting adventure through visual identification activities. These engaging exercises prepare your child for the exciting journey of literacy and numeracy.

Music and Movement: Experience the joy of rhythm and movement through our music and movement sessions. These activities not only enhance coordination but also introduce the world of melodies, fostering a love for music.

Outdoor Playtime: Nothing beats the benefits of fresh air and outdoor play. Our outdoor sessions provide an opportunity for physical activity, social interaction, and the sheer joy of exploring nature.

Why "Tiny Tornadoes"?

our "Tiny Tornadoes" are full of energy, curiosity, and the boundless enthusiasm needed for this exciting stage of early childhood development.

Small-Size Classes, Big Discoveries:

Our small-size classes provide the perfect environment for personalized attention and tailored learning experiences. We understand the importance of flexibility in supporting your child as they embark on the essential activities crucial for developing their brain and body, as well as honing those all-important social and emotional skills.

What to Expect:

Engaging Activities: From hands-on experiments to creative arts and crafts, we ensure that every day is filled with activities that captivate and stimulate young minds.

Personalized Approach: Our dedicated teachers work closely with each child, recognizing their unique strengths and areas for growth, ensuring a personalized learning journey.

Building Social Bonds: Through group play and interactive sessions, "Tiny Tornadoes" not only learn together but also grow together, forging friendships that last a lifetime.

Smooth Transition to Preschool Adventures: Our program is meticulously designed to provide the stepping stones needed for a smooth transition into the adventures of Preschool. The skills learned in "Tiny Tornadoes" will set the stage for a love of learning that lasts a lifetime.

We are genuinely excited to embark on this journey with your child. If you have any questions or wish to enroll your little one in our "Tiny Tornadoes" program, please feel free to reach out.