Mini Marvels - Upper Nursery

Introducing "Mini Marvels" - Igniting Curiosity, Fostering Independence

We're delighted to introduce our specialized program, "Mini Marvels," tailored for the unique stage of development your child is in. At this magical phase, your little one is a curious explorer, ready to absorb the wonders of the world. Here's a glimpse into what "Mini Marvels" has to offer:

During the "Mini Marvels" stage, your child is both physically and emotionally prepared to delve into the world around them. This phase is marked by a natural curiosity, a thirst for knowledge, and the budding desire for independence.

Language Development Activities: Speaking and Listening Skills: Engaging in conversations, storytelling, and interactive sessions to enhance verbal communication.

Reading Skills: Introducing the world of books through age-appropriate stories to foster a love for reading.

Writing Skills Development: Guided activities to develop fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and the foundations of writing.

Mathematical Concepts: Introduction to basic math concepts through interactive and play-based activities.

Interactive Adventures: Engaging activities that make learning a memorable adventure, promoting a love for exploration.

Logical Thinking and Problem Solving:  Thoughtfully crafted activities to stimulate logical thinking and problem-solving skills.

Grooming for Responsibility: Encouraging a sense of responsibility through age-appropriate tasks and activities.

Promoting Independent Behavior: Nurturing independence through guided tasks and encouraging decision-making.

Music and Movement Program: Discover hidden talents through a dynamic program that explores rhythm, coordination, and creative expression.

Outdoor Play Time: Promoting physical development through outdoor activities, ensuring a healthy and active lifestyle.

Key Focus Areas:

Exploration and Creativity: Engaging activities that stimulate creativity and foster a love for exploration.

Social Growth: Opportunities for social interactions that nurture friendships, cooperation, and the development of essential social skills.

Independence Building: Activities designed to encourage independence, helping your child take their first steps towards self-sufficiency.

School Readiness: 

With "Mini Marvels," school readiness takes center stage. Our curriculum is meticulously crafted to lay a solid foundation in the academic skills essential for Kindergarten and beyond. We understand the importance of this crucial preparation phase and have tailored our program to meet the unique needs of your child.

Why Choose Our Program:

Holistic Development: Our approach addresses not only academic skills but also social and emotional growth, ensuring a well-rounded foundation.

Engaging Curriculum: Designed to make learning fun, fostering a love for discovery and knowledge.

Individualized Attention: Small group sizes allow for personalized attention, ensuring that each child's unique strengths and areas of growth are recognized and nurtured.

We're dedicated to making this stage of your child's journey truly marvelous. If you have any questions or would like more information, please feel free to reach out.

We can't wait to witness the incredible growth and readiness that "Mini Marvels" will inspire in your child!