Mini Marvels After Pre-School Care

Welcome to our child care program, where each day is crafted to provide your child with a fulfilling blend of learning and joy.

After a day filled with engaging preschool activities, our children unwind and connect in an environment carefully designed to replicate the comfort and security of home. We strive to instill essential social skills that will equip them for the challenges of the real world.

Our daily routine encompasses essential elements such as wash time, rejuvenating nap sessions, enjoyable evenings with friends, and a variety of games and stimulating activities. This structured schedule is infused with social values and discipline, with age-appropriate activities including sessions at our Dancing Academy and Elocution for language and speech practice.

Within this framework, your child will receive support tailored to their age group, encouraging the discovery of unique personalities, fostering a sense of sharing and caring, teaching conflict resolution, and enabling the freedom of expression. Our aim is to nurture independent yet socially conscious individuals with a passion to make positive contributions to society. Your child will grow up in an environment where they not only learn but thrive.

Fulfilling Day: Our child care program prioritizes a day filled with both enriching learning experiences and enjoyable activities.

Post-Preschool Relaxation: Following morning preschool activities, children have dedicated time to relax and interact, creating an environment that mirrors the comfort and security of home.

Social Skills Development: We actively promote the development of essential social skills, preparing children to confidently navigate the real world.

Daily Routine Highlights:

Wash Time: Ensuring personal hygiene is maintained.

Nap Time: Providing a restful break for rejuvenation.

Evening Fun: Enjoyable moments with friends.

Games and Stimulating Activities: Engaging activities that contribute to a well-rounded day.

Structured Routine: Throughout the day, your child follows a structured routine infused with social values and discipline.

Age-Group Based Activities:

Dancing Academy: Opportunities for creative expression and physical activity.

Elocution (Language & Speech) Practice: Fostering language and communication skills.

Supportive Environment: Your child receives comprehensive support to:

Discover Unique Personalities: Encouraging the exploration of individuality.

Learn to Share and Care: Fostering a sense of community and compassion.

Resolve Conflicts: Teaching valuable conflict resolution skills.

Express Themselves Freely: Nurturing a space for open expression.

Independence and Social Acceptance: Our program aims to mold children into independent yet socially acceptable individuals.

Passion for Positive Change: Through our care, we strive to instill in your child a passion for making a positive impact on society.